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The Kearney Area Animal Shelter wants to make sure the animals adopted from this facility are healthy, happy, and behaviorally sound before they go to their new home.


Our adoption fees HELP to pay for feeding, housing, medical care and evaluation for the animals that come through our door each day. We do our best to keep adoption costs at a realistic level and still generate income to support our animals and programs.​


  • Spay/Neuter

  • Microchipping

  • Basic Health Exam and Treatments

  • Vaccinations Up to Date

  • Collar and Engraved Pet ID Tag

  • Small Bag of Science Diet Pet Food

*Included with Dog and Cat Adoptions



VIP Puppies (All puppies 12 weeks old and under): $300

Puppies (ages 13 weeks-1 year old): $250

VIP Dogs (Pure Bred/Highly adoptable): $200

Dogs 1-5 years: $150

Dogs 6-9 years: $100
Senior Dogs (over 10 years old): $50


*Puppies and Purebred Dogs are higher in demand and get adopted out quickly. With a higher adoption fee for these dogs, we have a legacy left for the ones that have to wait a little longer for their forever home.


Kittens (Under 5 months old): $100

Cats 5 Months-5 years old: $75
Cats 6 years and over: $50

Barn Cats: $35
VIP Cat/Kitten (Pure Bred): $125

*Some of the animals in our shelter are V.I.P.’s — dogs and cats that are in high demand for adoption and quickly find a loving home. V.I.P.’s have a higher adoption fee. The extra money will leave a financial legacy for other animals who may need extensive medical care or more time to find a loving home.


The price of a pocket pet varies on type of animal. This does not include an enclosure or food.

If you find the perfect pet at KAAS, we do require a few things before adoption:

  • If you are a renter, you must provide a landlord's note and phone number, or show proof from your lease that you may have animals.

  • Provide us with your current veterinarian clinic name and phone number.

  • If you have a dog at home, we ask that you bring them in to test out with the potential animal you may be adopting to make sure they get along before you take them home. 

  • You must be 21 years old to reserve and/or adopt an animal.

  • If you are thinking of adopting an animal as a gift for someone, that person must come meet the animal and meet the above requirements.