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Fosters must provide love and patience for adult, baby, or sick animals. 

Volunteer fosters should be able to do the following:

  • Give general care

  • Medicate if necessary

  • Take animal for vet care (animal needs to be brought into the shelter)

  • Socialize shy or feral animals if needed

  • Isolate the animal in a room separate from all other animals if needed

  • Make sure their own animals are up-to-date on their vaccinations (Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella, Rabies) and either spayed or neutered

  • Accept that the foster animal may not be put up for adoption if deemed unadoptable by the Kearney Area Animal Shelter (fatal illness/disease or dangerous aggression)


Fostering is vital to our mission!  Your work makes young, shy, or ill animals adoptable.  Their adoption then allows KAAS to take in additional animals. Fosters are needed for kittens with ringworm, bottle baby kittens, and nervous dogs that do better in a home than a kennel. The shelter covers all expenses of fostering, the animals just need your time and love!

All potential fosters must be approved and 21 years of age or older, allow a home visit, and attend a mandatory volunteer orientation class. Click the button below to fill out the Foster Care Program Application and bring the completed application into KAAS or submit the completed application via email to



  • What should I do if I find a stray animal?
    If you find a stray animal within the Kearney city limits, you may bring it to the shelter during our business hours or call the Kearney Police Department (either after hours or if you cannot transport it) at 308.237.2104 and they will bring it to the shelter. If you find a stray animal outside of Kearney, but inside Buffalo County, you may bring it to the shelter during our business hours or call the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office (either after hours or if you cannot transport it) at 308.236.8555 and they will bring it to the shelter. If you find a stray outside of Buffalo County, you should call your local law enforcement's non-emergency number to report the animal.
  • What should I do if I have an animal emergency?​
    An animal emergency is a case of nuisance animals, animal bites, abandoned, or abused animals. In Kearney, call the Kearney Police Department at 308.237.2104 In Buffalo County, call the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office at 308.236.8555 Other option: Call your local police department! IF YOUR ANIMAL IS SICK OR INJURED AND NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION, CALL YOUR VETERINARIAN. The shelter does NOT offer veterinary services to the public.
  • What do I do if I lose my animal?
    If your animal goes missing, call the shelter immediately at 308.237.7387. Staff will take your information and keep an eye out for your pet to call you if it comes into the shelter.
  • How do I claim my animal from the shelter?
    If your animal is brought to the shelter, there is a process to claim it. Nebraska State Law requires for all companion animals to be vaccinated against rabies. You will need a current veterinarian certificate stating that your animal is current. You will need a valid photo ID KAAS charges applicable stray, boarding, and rabies vaccination fees if your pet is not current.
  • How do I surrender an animal to the shelter?
    Animal surrenders are accepted by appointment at the shelter. Surrenders are accepted based on space and availabilty in the shelter. Please call the shelter at 308.237.7387 before you arrive to ensure that we are prepared and able to take your pet. Be ready to answer a few questions about your pet to help us locate a new home, including vaccination history. There are applicable surrender fees.
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