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by M. Moris

The day you wagged into my life

we bonded from the start.

You brought happiness to all my years

and love into my heart. 

There is no other like you - 

you were beautifully unique.

And my heart breaks to not have you here

every minute of every week. 

Even in your absence, 

there is hope my friend.

On that rainbow bridge we'll meet

to love and play again.

Sheba 7-7-21_edited.jpg


  • Donor Wall Tile

  • Donate Used Items

    • Our Shelter accepts any and all donations. You can donate your pet's used items, like beds, food, toys, etc., so your pet's legacy can help care for animals that are still looking for their forever homes. ​

  • Help Make A Difference For Shelter Pets

    • As a pet lover, you can learn more about our Shelter's programs, fundraising events, and mission. Losing a pet is very difficult, so if you aren't quite ready for another forever friend, you can still make a difference for the lost and homeless pets in our community.​

    • Our SOS Program, SCS Program, Volunteer Program, Foster Program, and our Current Events are just a few ways to be supportive of our Shelter!

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