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Did you know? KAAS must rely on a reserve fund to meet our expenses and cover the cost of operation each month.  As that resource continues to be depleted, it has become clear this cannot be our long-term solution.

Become our partner in protecting and caring for the lost, abandoned, and abused pets of Kearney and all of Buffalo County by participating our new S.O.S. Project.  If we all give a little, we can accomplish a lot and Sustain Our Shelter! 

As an S.O.S. Project Member, you will receive a postcard each month to show you exactly where and how your monthly donations are impacting the homeless pets in our area. You can be assured that your generous donation will greatly impact these amazing animals.

Become a member today!


SOS Project Members

Lisa Schoene

Greg and Shebi Methe

John Younger

Kate Fly

Dr. Joel and Kim Atchison
Lynn Brewster

Maureen Nitz

David and Rosanna Vail

Sharon Stelling

Matt and Melissa Prasch

Marsha Delp

George and Deb Quinn

Roma Jorgensen

Ron Morgan 

Shelby Thieszen

Koley Ellingson

Letitia Reichart

Dustin Newton

Crystal Staley

Carmen Govier

Frank and Mary Wright

Dr. Martin Tilley

Rachelle Lemmer

Julie Chandler

Ty Swan

Dr. Erin Sweeney

Mike and Shawna Erbsen

Lynette Buss

Darci Kuhnel

Stacey Howsden

Sarah Armbruster

Deborah King

Kerstin Hakl

Brad Stephan

Chase and Shelby Dachtler

Chris Downey

Jan McCracken
Lucky Dog’s Place Pet Boutique

Jason and Amy Martinez

Nathan Juel

Platte Valley Taphouse (Chrystal Snider)

The Crafty Dog Sports Bar

Yousef Ghamedi and Tiffani Luethke

Copycat Printing

Thank you for your monthly contributions!

Any amount makes a difference!

$_________/month:  Choose an amount that best suits your donation desires.

(There is no donation minimum.)

Suggested Donation Levels



  • Feeds 1 litter of kitten KMR (kitten milk replacer) for 1 month.

  • Vaccinates 1 puppy or provide flea treatment for 2 dogs.

  • Vaccinates 10 pets against rabies.



  • Microchips 7 pets or neuter 1 dog. 

  • Feeds 4 cats for over 1-month period.

  • Purchases 40 lbs. of cat food.



  • Spays 1 cat or vaccinates a litter of puppies.



  • Spays 1 dog.

  • Purchases 120 lbs. of dog food.

  • Pays for 2 gallons of kennel disinfectant.

  • Feeds 2 puppies for a month.



  • Purchases 1 pallet of cat litter.

  • Pay for a week of antibiotics for 12 sick cats/kittens.

  • Feeds 20 dogs for 1 week.

  • Feeds 20 cats for 2 weeks.

  • Covers the cost of an x-ray for an injured pet.

S.O.S. Monthly Postcard Example

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