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Spay and Neuter Day
Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic for Cats
Next Clinic Date: Sunday, March 27th, 2022
The goal of the Shelter's Spay and Neuter Day is to help with the overpopulation of homeless cats in the City of Kearney and Buffalo County. 
This event was open to owned, stray, and feral cats in the City of Kearney and in Buffalo County.

Registration: Registration for this event was required! All available  surgery slots have been taken.


If you missed out on this event, we do hope to have another Spay and Neuter Day this fall! Please keep an eye on our website for future events.

Surgery locations will include the Kearney Area Animal Shelter, West Villa Animal Hospital, and Riverside Animal Hospital. 

If you registered cats for this event and do not remember your surgery location, please call the Shelter at 308-237-7387 to find out.


+ Cats must be registered to participate

+ Cats must be at least 2 pounds in weight and 12 weeks old

+ All feral cats must be brought in a live trap

+ All friendly cats must be in a secure crate 

+ Nursing female cats will not be accepted 

*If any of these requirements are not followed or met, the animal will not be surgically sterilized and the participant's $35 will be considered a donation towards future events. 

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